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Advertisers in the new issue of the New Republic

Back cover - Pfizer, sponsor of recent TNR panel
Front cover back page - MSNBC
Tested by Zion: The Bush Administration and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, book, full page
Harvard University Press, full page
Monsanto, full page
The Great Courses: The Medieval World, full page
Lord of Publishing: A Memoir, by Sterling Lord, book, full page
Princeton University Press, full page
New Republic ad, full page
Paradigm Publishers, half-page
W.W. Norton, full page.

Total number of full-page ads: 9
Number of full-page house ads: 1
Number of half-page ads: 1

Cost? (Shoulder shrug????) In the overhaul of its Web site, TNR neglected to update links to PDFs of its media kit. The url leads to “Page Not Found.” Per their old, 2012 media kit, which TNR just sent, the public cost of a full-page color ad starts out at $8,500 and can be as much as $9,960, though that is a misleading price because publishers often offer rebates and discounts to clients. Let’s pretend for a second, however, that Princeton University Press paid nearly $10K for their ad and do the math. Essentially, ad pages in one issue helped pay for, hypothetically, one senior editor and Michael Kinsley’s per diem.

December 2012 issue of the New Republic:

Number of full-page ads: 3, including a back cover. Advertisers: University of North Carolina, School of Government; Harvard University Press;

Number of half-page ads: 1, America’s Natural Gas

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