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About me I'm a writer in new york. previously, i worked at the baltimore sun, where i covered the music industry and youth culture, and at the miami new times, where i wrote cover stories on cuban punks and strippers, AMONG OTHER THINGS. Im now an editor at Women's Wear Daily.*


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obvs, anything i write in this biblical scroll should not be mistaken for the views of whatever entity ive conned into employing me.
While most of our recent efforts have been on digital transformation, we’re also investing in our print products. Last month, for example, we rolled out a redesign of the various features sections of the paper from Science Times to Thursday Styles, and we’re also delighted that our re-imagined T Magazine, which debuts on February the 17th, under new editor, Deborah Needleman, with new features, columns and publication schedule. New New York Times ceo Mark Thompson, following the example first set by former ceo Janet Robinson, to plug the Times’ hugely lucrative, though recently less so, style magazine, T., during earnings calls. That’s how important this little magazine is to the Times’ bottom line, and why the paper was so eager to kick out Sally Singer when advertising was bombing. Today Needleman unveiled her redesign to WWD.  - h/t to Joe Pompeo for noticing the shout-out during the call.

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